Asylum Stresser

Asylum Stresser - Join the Best IP Booter / IP Stresser Service

  • Up to 200Gbps per Stress Test
  • Privacy focused, our platform is hosted on the Tor network
  • We Offer a Simple Stress Testing Interface, with high power
  • Anonymous and Untraceable Boots

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Free Stresser Included

We have a free stresser that sends 1Gbps of amplified bandwidth for every plan.

1000Gbps Total Network

Our network is powered by the highest quality dedicated servers the send a total capacity of 1000Gbps.

Encrypted Database

Our database is completely encrypted for security, this includes usernames, passwords, api keys, ect.

Highest Privacy

All attacks use spoofing techniques for completely anonymous stress tests. Our servers are also all hosted on the tor network.

Fully Custom Source

Unlike our competitors, our source is custom made fully from scratch by experienced coders.

Power Controller

You can control exactly how strong each stress test is, no other stresser has this feature.

Set Source IP

We allow you to spoof attacks coming from any IP you want, no other stresser has this feature.