Asylum Stresser - Terms of Service

Before registering your account and using Asylum Stresser, you automatically agree to the following Terms of Service. The only way you can create an account and use Asylum Stresser is by confirming you accept and agree to this document. If you do not agree, please close this website now, otherwise continue to our sign up page and finish creating your account to start using Asylum Stresser.

1) You are not allowed to stress test IPs that do not belong to you. Asylum Stresser can and will only be used to stress test IP addresses that you own and have permission to preform such tests. Asylum Stresser can and will only be used as a network penetration tool, using Asylum Stresser for any unauthorized instrusion, hacking, or attacking is strictly forbidden, Asylum Stresser can and will only be used for testing your own IPs and networks, not IPs that belong to others.

2) We reserve the right to change anything in this document at any time with or without prior notice.

3) Refunds are not given unless our service is offline/disfunctional.

4) You are fully responsible for your actions using Asylum Stresser, we do not take any responsibility for how you use Asylum Stresser.

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